Horse training – CAVALLISTA
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Horse training

Every single horse, as every single human, is different and special. If we would like to do things with horses safetly and happily, we both need to learn to communicate with each other. This happens during the training, handling or playing. And because we all are so unique this is a real challenge

It is very important to teach a horse to carry aditional rider’s weight in a proper manner. During my work I focus on building a fit, straight, supple, healthy and happy horse so we can develop his potentials to the maximum for many years. The motivation for work with humans, respect and his trust are the basis I establish at the very beginning.

In the training I include work in hand, longeing, riding and at liberty training. I combine classical dressage with academic art of riding. All the horses I train do dresage, jumping gymnastic and go often out for a ride too. For an emotionally and physically balanced horse it is very important to have a progressive, diverse but scheduled training.

Do you have to deal with any of problems or challenges listed below?

  • My horse moves with a high head, hollow back.
  • My horse puts the tongue over the bit, out of the mouth, twists his head.
  • My horse is lazy, I have to push him forward all the time.
  • My horse is rushing too much, speeding up without my aid.
  • My horse picks up the wrong lead in canter or does cross (disunited) canter.
  • My horse has back problems, SI (sacro-iliac joint) problems, he is stiff in lumbar area.
  • My horse is hard in the mouth, stiff in the back or whole body.
  • My horse is leaning on the hand.
  • My horse doesn’t want/can’t turn to one side, is falling over a shoulder in turns.
  • Has short strides or rhythm trouble.
  • My horse is stumbling or sinking with front or hind legs, he is limping.
  • My horse is scared, nervous, disobedient, is rearing, bucking, puts ears back while riding or handling him.
  • My horse is imbalanced emotionally and/or phyically in general.

Let’s meet all together with your horse and see what I can do for you!

How it works …

When I train my horses I always observe first their natural asymmetry, patterns of movement, their character with motivation and capacity of communication with me. Then I make a plan of training with enough room for improvisation. I don’t like to think in methods, because in my opinion there is no such a method that could be suitable for horses in general. But anyway, for a better general understanding, I could say that I keep the directions of The Scale of training and combine it with many elements of Academic art of riding. I try to find out the »what is horse made for«, what kind of work, exercises he/she preferes, which are his talents and then try to meet all this with wishes and goals of the owner.

Contact me if you would like to:

  • Start a green/young horse.
  • Restart a horse, if something got wrong in the past.
  • Correct undesirable behaviour or movement patterns of your horse.
  • Rehabilitate him from injury, traumatic experience or former unappropriate training.
  • Train and prepair a horse for dressage, jumping or endurance competition level.
  • Teach him some tricks and circus exercises, groundwork or longeing.
  • Upgrade his basic knowledge to the next level in a horse kind, systematic, progressive way, that builds him up without forcing or pushing him.

My winning formula is to marry knowledge with feeling and thus the ballance comes, that’s my aim. And you recognise it, when you move with your horse fluently straight, in a perfectly clear rhythm, with a supple topline and positive energy from behind. Would you like to feel it with your horse?